Sewage Clean Up and Removal

 Sewage Clean Up

Sewage Creates Serious Health Risks

With the potential for mold exposure and structural damage, all types of water damage are devastating. Because it contains harmful bacteria, sewage water damage can be even more destructive and poses dangerous health risks. Sewage water can expose people to viruses, E. coli, hepatitis, and many other diseases. Cross contamination or improper water removal can easily spread bacteria. That’s why only experts should conduct any sewage cleanup.

The Faster You Act, the Lower the Cost of Damage

Acting quickly when you’re the victim of a sewage overspill can greatly reduce the amount of damage to your property and belongings. Once you call PRC Restoration and Construction, regardless of the day or time, we’ll be there within the hour to quickly make your sewage disaster a thing of the past.

PRC Sewage Cleanup Process

We take all necessary measures to keep you safe, and we educate you on all potential dangers. We keep you informed every step of the way. Our unparalleled customer service, leading-edge equipment and attention to detail place us a cut above anyone else in the sewage cleanup restoration process.

Here is our procedure:

  • We conduct an immediate inspection to ensure the safety of you and your family, employees or tenants
  • We assess the extent of water damage
  • We remove uncontaminated items to ensure their safety
  • We dispose of all contaminated items in a safe, approved manner
  • We contain the contaminated area
  • We set up negative air scrubbers with HEPA filters
  • We begin the sewage cleanup with water extraction
  • We pressure-wash all affected surfaces
  • We then perform drying procedures using state-of-the-art equipment
  • We apply accredited anti-microbial and sanitizing products and perform thorough deodorization
  • Our highly trained sewage damage restoration technicians will restore any salvageable possessions or materials. Certified contractors will make any necessary repairs and proceed with the reconstruction of your property, if necessary